£6 billion commitment by UK Government Energy efficiency scheme

£6 billion commitment by UK Government Energy efficiency scheme

Support for energy efficiency will be extended to families, businesses, and industries, with a commitment of £6 billion by the UK Government. This initiative aims to warm around a million homes and provide assistance to hundreds of businesses in reducing energy consumption and bills.

  • government focus on targeted aid for 200,000 low-income, cold, and social homes, aligning with its commitment to help families achieve net-zero status
  • additional £1.5 billion will be allocated to the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, building on the success of the £7,500 uplift to heat pump grants.

The comprehensive approach to achieving net-zero goals involves supporting around a million families and numerous businesses, backed by a substantial £6 billion investment. This strategy not only helps in cutting energy usage but also contributes to cost savings for the public.

Families will have access to various options for more cost-effective home heating and emission reduction through energy-efficient measures. Approximately 500,000 homes will benefit from insulation, and additional grants for heat pumps will be provided to hundreds of thousands of homes.

The Prime Minister’s decision to increase the heat pump grant by 50% to £7,500 has resulted in a significant uptick of 57% in applications. Building on this success, the additional funding of £1.5 billion will ensure wider accessibility for homes and businesses to adopt heat pumps, facilitating a smooth transition to modern and clean heating systems – a crucial step towards achieving a net zero nation.